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Why you really need a root canal treatment?

Like any other body part teeth also have an important role to play in our lives. Other than (masticating food) grind, chew, bite. It also help in speak, defense, shaping the face, drink and it begin the process of digestion.
Teeth has comprised of three layers, when we do the cross-section of the teeth are:

1.    ENAMEL
2.    DENTIN
3.    PULP

ENAMEL: Whitish covering of the tooth called enamel.  Which is the outermost protective layer and the hardest substance of our body. Enamel comprises of hard mineral calcium phosphate
If the enamel is chip off or infected because of cavities it can be restore by restorative procedure

DENTIN: The layer below the enamel is dentin which is not hard as the enamel .Dentin forms the bulk of the tooth.

If cavity involves dentin you will feel sensitivity in your teeth but at this stage we can save by the normal restorative procedure

PULP:  The soft portion inside the dentin is pulp that consist of blood vessels and nerves
when bacteria reaches the pulp [3rd layer}of tooth  and damaged the nerve that  is the most painful condition patient will also feel sensitivity to hot and cold or sweet .This the stage when you need the   root canal procedure to be done . once the cavity reach at pulp we can not do simple restorative procedure. As filling material itself can lead to irritation to nerve and it can worsen the problem.

If most of the tooth structure is damaged it will lead to extraction [removal of tooth]
Sign of pulp may involve:
·       Constant Toothache
·       Tooth ache during chewing
·       Discharge or drainage
·       Tooth discoloration
·       Swollen gums
·       Trauma
·       Gingival recession
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms don’t delay seeking treatment

Root canal is the procedure in which we eliminate the infected pulp and prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.Root canal treatment is the non – surgical conservative treatment. Procedure will be completely painless and performed by root canal specialist under local anesthesia.

Minimum 2 OR 3 sitting will be there for the root canal treatment depend on the infection

Single sitting RCT can also be performed in some cases where there is an acute infection no pus formation around the tooth ,RCT can be completed in a single sitting

First sitting:   x-ray will be taken of the tooth to see the level of infection, if required local anesthesia will be given for the infected tooth before the treatment which will numb the tooth so that patient will not suffer from pain during the treatment.

Caries [infected part] will be removed first further cavity preparation will be proceed and reaches to the inner part of the tooth [pulp]

Cleared out the infected pulp and shaping of the canals will be done

Dressing will be placed directly to the infected part [canals] like triple antibiotic or calcium hydroxide. Temporary filling will be placed next sitting will be after 2, 3 days.

2nd SITTING: after irrigating or cleaning o the canals, canal will be filled with the rubber like material called gutta percha (insert material which is extracted from a plant) to fill the dead space which keeps the canals free of infection

AFTER the sealing of the canals, restorative material will be filled to the hollow tooth structure
Later we do the crowning of the tooth which is also necessary after the root canal treatment which give strength to the tooth and protect tooth from the direct force. If you do not go for the crown then it might lead to fracture of the tooth or loss of tooth structure due to the direct masticatory forces.


  • Qualification AND experience is the major factor to consider while choosing the best dental clinic, so we have the highly educated doctors with adequate degrees from certified colleges run by Dr. Akhil Gupta [M.D.S in ENDODONTICS] and Dr. Sudha Gupta[M.D.S in PROSTHODONTICS]. WE are also highly trained, backup with the good amount of experience in our respective field
  • We have the   latest equipment with advanced technology ,the dentist are also highly trained to use these high end tools in their service .
  • There are lots of factors which make us THE BEST DENTIST IN Panchkula.


  • Advance technology

There has been so much advancement in the dental equipment and the facilities that it has been made the whole dental restoration much accessible and easier. It has made easier to teach patient about their oral health. WE have the LATEST PORTABLE Digital x-rays with minimum exposure, advanced rotary tools, laser dentistry, and latest Swiss made ultrasonic scalar

  • Sterilization / safety measures

Sterilization is the process that removes or kills microorganism such as bacteria or fungi sterilization can be achieved through various method including heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure and filtration

 Advanced Fumigation machine

 Now days due to high risk of viruses and bacteria sanitizing the place where you live and work is the most important task to do. Fogger machine is a device that emits a dense vapor appearing similar to fog or smoke .it has a fuel tank that is filled with the chemical that generates fog or smoke. This keeps you safe and healthy and makes your surrounding clean.

We use DIVERSY which is U.S based company

 Latest B class sterilization autoclave

Class B  Sterilization is extensively used in dentistry this is the most advanced steam sterilizer provide highly effective and safe sterilization for instrument  this is the German based autoclave which keeps the record of sterilization cycles . sterilization is very important step in today’s time.


Ultraviolet germicidal is a proven air purification technology that disinfects   the air by emitting UV C rays. These rays kill bacteria, viruses. Air sanitization is the most economical approach to disinfect the air and surface of any indoor environment with up to 99% reduction of viruses, bacteria on irradiated spaces

  • Flexibility

 In such a busy lifestyle where everyone is running behind their work, following up with dental schedule is very difficult. For that advance booking appointment is also easy and flexible

Online bookings can be made during early morning, after working hours and even on Sundays. We make it a practice to remind you via text message or a phone call


For some seniors or disabled person, stair can become too difficult to navigate. However that can be very dangerous if muscle have weakened and mobility has become limited. This is the safer and very easy to operate for the person


 A patient always enters such medical setup with some anxiety or fear which can make patient experience depressingly. TO avoid this and reduce stress level  , a good ambience along with some interaction and communication with that patient can help  patient to forget his fears and anxieties Today’ health care is patients centric  and the focus is on patient satisfaction .For that we are working towards creating friendly environment which understand the emotional and needs of the patient

We hope this article will help you in choosing the right dentist for you and will also help in explaining why Tooth care dental clinic is THE BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN PANCHKULA.

What to expect when you are getting RCT done

When we first hear about root canal treatment, the first thing which comes in our mind is …. Is it a painful procedure?

Answer for this is NO. Root canal treatment is not painful at all if the procedure is done by a specialist. Root canal specialist is called an Endodontist. At Tooth Care Dental Clinic Dr Akhil is an Endodontist. His expertise in performing root canal treatment gives you painless experience.


First you should know the the basic concept of root canal treatment. Rct is done to clean the infection and pus, in this basically infected nerve is removed and tooth become dead. So in this procedure natural tooth is saved. Sometimes patients have a very painful experience with rct. A lot of patients come with the complain that we had experienced a lot of pain in previous root canal treatment. But if the procedure is done properly by a specialist dentist then it will be definitely painless.

We always explain our patients the importance of regular dental check ups. Ideally you should go for a dental check up once in 6 months. If you have some minor cavity then dentist will do the filling that time. If we leave that cavity just like that then definitely slowly it will go down and reach to the pulp and once it reaches the pulp that is basically nerve of tooth, then pain starts and patient starts feeling sensitivity with hot and cold. At this stage we can not save the tooth with simple filling as filling itself is a chemical that will acts as an irritant so root canal treatment is the only solution.

Hence if your dentist recommends filling of tooth then we should go for that otherwise root canal treatment will be the only option.

Steps of RCT

Access opening

This is the first step of root canal treatment. In this your dentist will numb that particular area of tooth and will do an emergency step so that your pain will be relieved.

Biomechanical preparation

This is the second step of RCT, in this your dentist will take take the length of roots of the tooth and clean them completely with the help of files and medicine is paced in canals.

Obturation and Permanent filling

This is the final step of RCT, in this gutta percha which is an inert material, is placed in canals after that permanent filling is done in tooth.

Role Of Nutrition For Maintaining Good Oral Health

Oral health is directly related to diet and nutrition. In today’s lifestyle because of busy schedule we all have tendency to neglect healthy food. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to incorporation of lot of diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. also improper diet may lead to lot of gum diseases and periodontitis. Increased consumption of sugary food may lead to dental caries which can further causes lot of side effects.

A balanced nutrition prevents lot of infections and boost our immunity which further helps in fighting with lot of infection. Good nutrition is particularly important in today’s scenario as we have seen the whole world fighting with corona. Apart from good diet daily activities like exercise and yoga is also very important.

Lot of vitamins are essential to maintain healthy gums like vitamin C and vitamin B. Vitamin D also plays a major role for maintain healthy jaw bones. In old age, when calcium deficiency starts, body starts resorbing jaw bones to fulfil the calcium deficiency. Apart from vitamins, proteins are also very important to maintain healthy oral tissues.

Fruits, vegetables and milk also contain sugar but we should not avoid them as they have lot of nutritional benefits.

There are a number of factors that can put individuals at risk for poor oral and overall health such as an unhealthy diet, age, medication, allergies, restrictive diets, chronic disease, lack of vitamins as well as socioeconomic conditions.

Precautions to be taken

1) We should avoid consumption of food and beverages that contribute to poor oral health

 2) We should try to have sugary products at mealtime, not as a snack, because the increased flow of saliva during a meal helps protect the teeth by washing away and diluting sugar.

3) Try to search some substitute of sugar. Look for other sugars like corn syrup, corn sweeteners, dextrose, fructose, glucose, honey, maple syrup, molasses and sucrose.

4) Check if your liquid medicines (such as cough syrup) contain sugar. Ask a physician for sugar-free medicines.

5) Try to have water between meals. It will dilute the acidic content of cariogenic bacteria

 6) Avoid fried food. Prepare food in healthy ways, such as steamed or baked.

8) Food items like cakes, candies, cold drinks should be avoided as they are full of added sugars.

 7) the most important part is try to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoridated toothpaste.

8) For snacks, choose healthy food like cheese, fruits, yoghurt etc.

9) Practice good oral hygiene like brushing twice a day and rinsing after every meal. You should visit your dentist once in six months and get regular cleaning done.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, we advise our patient to follow a healthy diet plan and proper way of brushing and regular dental check ups.

Safety measures in dental clinic in light of the coronavirus

What is coronavirus ,its symptoms and how is it transmitted ?

Well most of us have already heard a lot about this newly introduced virus in our world . Its symptoms generally include common flu like symptoms like , cold , cough, fever , breathing difficulty etc .It is easily transmitted from one person to another as it is highly contagious direct contact should be avoided

Must for every dental clinic .

As dentistry includes direct work in oral cavity which means contact with the patients which can be dangerous  .But it can be prevented by undergoing some protective measures that must be conducted in every dental clinic . Such as :-

– Fumigation of your dental clinic on regular basis

-Appointment of any person showing symptoms like cold and cough should be postponed and advised to get tested .

-Proper patient history especially travelling history should be noted .

-Wearing proper mask , hand gloves , head cap , protective eye gear and an apron which is covering most of your body surface is necessary  .

-Guidlines provided by the IDA should be followed .

-Using sanitizer after every patient .

-Use of surface disinfectant to clean your clinic slabs and other surfaces .

-Cross contamination which is usually taken care on regular basis should be taken care of more strictly .

-Touching surface with your hand wearing gloves should be avoided at all cost .

– Your assistant should provide you all assistance which leads to less contamination of surfaces .

Thus by following some simple yet most important preventive measures we can fight this virus .


This is certainly one of the biggest struggles for patients.

So, the answer is very logical i.e. it totally depends on what you need. The more extensive the damage, the costlier is the repair.  We can prevent this by giving a regular visit to the dentist twice a year and making sure that our oral health is well maintained.

So, first of all, everyone accepts the fact that, no one wants to experience a tooth ache or want bad breath or any kind of oral illness. Everyone wants healthy teeth as they have a very important role in our lives, for example in eating, esthetics and as we all know a smile without teeth is incomplete.

Now the question arises…


This includes various processes like brushing, flossing, but not only this can help us to keep our teeth healthy. We should also make sure that our gums and other oral tissues in our mouth are free from any kind of infectious symptoms. For this only a dentist can guide you  better because only he/she will be able to detect any kind of destructive processes in early stages and guide you about the preventive and conservative treatment.

So a regular visit to a dentist is not expensive, but when people do not visit for regular     check up , they are actually allowing the bacterial action to increase which may lead to further dental problems. The dental treatments are not expensive if the problems are treated as early as possible .

In tooth care dental clinic we try to aware our patients as early as possible so that it may not lead to further problems. For example: If a person visits for a regular dental checkup and is detected with caries in early stage and can be treated with the basic fillings, the costing may vary from 500 bucks to 1000 bucks but if the person is not visiting on regular checkups and comes to dentist only in pain and discomfort then the treatment may vary from 2000 bucks to 10,000 bucks.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic we guide our patients by giving them exact knowledge about procedures, costings and try to satisfy our patients completely.

Thus “resolving to take better care of our teeth could save our lives and billions of dollars.”

How to maintain oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene means the practice of keeping oral cavity (teeth and gums healthy) to prevent various diseases. It is the most essential part of daily routine as all foods are going through mouth only. Hence it is very essential that your oral structures should remain healthy in order to maintain overall health of body

Common Oral condition due to bad oral hygiene
Tooth decay
Gum problems
Bad breath

Cavities in your teeth is the most common finding which most commonly occurs due to bad oral hygiene. There are many factors for tooth decay. In all of them , the one is poor oral hygiene. It affects all age groups. But it is a major problem in case of children as it lead to lack of concentration in their studies.

Prevention is always better than cure. Practicing a good oral hygiene will keep your teeth healthy and will save you from expensive dental procedures.

In this blog our pediatric dentist has explained some measures that you can follow to maintain good oral hygiene for your children:

Tooth Brushing: Proper tooth brushing is very critical for maintain good oral health. Parents should teach their kids methods of brushing and they should supervise them while brushing. They should discuss their dentist about the need of fluoride

Brushing methods
A. use a soft bristle brush as hard bristles will lead to gum recession.
B. hold your brush at 45 degree angle and brush in a outward motion then use gentle forth and backward motion.
C. Brush your teeth along the gum line also.
D. Use vertical motion in inner aspect of front teeth.
E. Use a gentle scrubbing motion on chewing surface of teeth.

  1. Talk to your dentist for fluoride treatment and sealants to prevent further decay of teeth.
  2. Encourage your child to eat more fibrous diet and keep them away from sticky food.
  3. Check your dentist if your child need a fluoridated tooth paste or not. As fluoride prevent the tooth decay and it is more effective and less expensive to keep your oral cavity healthy.

It is commonly known as periodontal diseases. It mainly affects the older age group. It is basically a kind of infection in which mainly gums and bone underlying teeth gets affected. As this problem continues, teeth becomes loose and chewing gets difficult. Ultimately teeth has to extract.

Best way to avoid gum problems is to get a regular cleaning done. Ideally scaling should be done once in 6 months. If you have less deposits you can get it done once a year also.

Use of mouth wash also helps in making your oral flora healthy. If you are using mouth wash daily it should be alcohol free and should be prescribed by your dentist only.

We normally do not recommend flossing as most of the people do not know the proper method of flossing which can result in gum recession. But if still want to use floss take a guidance from your dentist.

Bad breath is also a indication of poor oral hygiene. It can be corrected by brushing twice, using mouth wash and by regular dental check ups.

Pre Wedding Dental Procedures

Have you prepared everything for your wedding. What about your smile??Bride and groom are the star of their wedding day. It is rightly said that you are never fully dressed without a beautiful smile.

The most stunning thing in a wedding is a beautiful bride with beautiful dress over that the most beautiful smile. Thousands of eyes are on you that day. Wedding is the occasion that will always stay in memories of bride and grooms memories. Your outfit, make up, hairstyle, everything plays an important role in making perfect picture. But yellow, mal aligned or missing teeth can completely destroy your elegance and beauty. The worst thing is that these memories in the form of pictures stays last longer.

It is still not very late you can undergo cosmetic procedures to make your smile more dazzling.
Here in this blog we will discuss about all the dental procedures you should think to get during your pre wedding preparations.

Bleaching ( teeth whitening)
Bleaching of teeth gives quick and very drastic results but you should consult a proper aesthetic dentist before getting it done as it is not recommended for all type of teeth.
Second, its result vary from person to person. If you have fluorosis or significant discoloration then it can’t be corrected with simple bleaching method. In those cases veneers are recommended.

But before bleaching you should undergo simple cleaning procedure which is called as Scaling.

Scaling and Polishing
Scaling is simple cleaning procedure in which tartar is removed from tooth surface. It is done by an ultrasonic scaler which does not harm teeth. After Scaling polishing is done which give smoothness.

Sometimes scaling and polishing give two or three shades whitening . So after scaling you might not feel requirement of bleaching.

Bad Breath management
Poor oral hygiene is the major cause of bad breath. It can hamper your confidence level and can destroy your relations also. So, get a proper dental checkup done few months before your wedding and get scaling done and if any major dental work is required, get it done.

Zig Zag teeth
It is still not too late to corrected those zig zag teeth. Mal aligned or zigzag teeth can also affect your beautiful smile. Metal colored braces are not the only solution to correct malaligned teeth. Now a days Clear aligners are also a very good solution . But again they are not recommended for everyone. You should consult your dentist if your teeth are suitable for them or not.

Sometimes cosmetic contouring can also correct minor defects. If you are not happy with appearance of one particular teeth like one tooth is longer or minor rotation is there. That can be corrected with cosmetic reshaping of that particular teeth.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, Dr Akhil Gupta ( MDS in cosmetic dentistry) is highly trained in giving you the most beautiful smile in just a single sitting. He understands the requirements of bride and groom and does not recommend any invasive procedures. It is always better to take appointment with your dentist few weeks before your wedding so that your dentist have enough time to solve your dental issues. We have designed the special wedding packages just to make things more simple and easy for you. We make sure that your smile makeover will improve your appearance and your confidence level.

How to choose the best dentist in panchkula?

Now a days there is a dental clinic in almost every corner of you area. But main question arises is how to choose the best dentist for you. Everyone advertise their clinics with lots of fascinating offers. Today in this blog we will talk about all your queries. Which dentist suits for your dental problem.


First of all let me start off with a brief introduction of dentistry. It is a branch of medical science which mainly deals with your oral cavity and structures related to mouth. BDS is bachelor of dental surgery which is a 5 year course and after that MDS which is Masters in Dental Surgery. BDS is all about general dentistry while in MDS they learn about their specialization

MDS is done in different different branches. Mainly divided in 6 branches.

1. Endodontist
Dentist who is masters in this branch mainly deals with RCT (Root canal Treatment) and esthetic dentistry.Hence if you need some aesthetic work like teeth whitening, veeners and root canal to be done, you can consult them.

2. Prosthodontist

This dentist mainly deals with replacement of teeth such as implants, bridges, crowns, dentures etc. Hence if you need any replacement of teeth, you should consult a MDS prosthodontist.

3. Oral Surgeon

They mainly deals with major surgeries like trauma cases, birth defects like cleft lip or palate, wisdom tooth extraction and all.

Maximum population suffer with wisdom tooth problem at least once in their life time, for that you should consult an oral surgeon.

4. Orthodontist

These specialized dentist mainly deals with correction of zig zag and mis aligned teeth. These procedures are mainly performed during younger age. But now a days adult orthodontics is also possible in certain circumstances.

Hence if you or your kid needs a braces treatment then you should consult an orthodontist.

5. Periodontist

These dentists mainly deals with gum problems.
Hence if you have any problem like pyorrhoea then you can consult with them.

6. Pedodontist
These dentist are also known as child dentist. They mainly work on kids and they got specialized training in handling kids. They learn how to do behavior management of children so that dental procedures can be performed.

Also they can handle special kids like kids with Autism , Down Syndrome.

Other non clinical branches are also there like oral medicine and radiology, preventive community dentistry, Pathology.

Things to be taken care:
Your dentist should be an expert in his or her specialization. For that you can ask your friends and family.

Availability of your dentist should always be there whenever you need them
Waiting time should be minimal.

Your dentist should be soft and well behaved in talking and treating you as oral structures are very delicate.

Do not wait for any emergency to happen. Just go for regular check ups so that your problems get resolved earlier.

Always try to find a dentist near your locality and make sure he or she should be available according to your working hours.

If your dentist is going somewhere out of town, he should arrange someone who can look after in their absence.

If you are moving in a new city then ask your previous dentist for some recommendations.

Your dentist should be compatible with your mode of payment like card payment and he or she should provide you bills of your treatment.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, We provide you the best dentist according to our patient’s needs. We always make sure that your treatment should be done only by a specialist dentist. We give a lot of treatment plans and their alternatives also according to patient’s budget. Also we always appreciate doubts and queries of our patient and make sure they should be satisfied in the end of treatment.

Does scaling makes teeth weak???

Most of the modern foods that we consume these days are processed food. Dietary habits have changed completely now a days. Even after maintenance of good oral hygiene and regular brushing of teeth, still some food particles get deposited on the surface of teeth and sticks to it which can not be removed with brushing. This accumulated food or debris is called as tartar which is a irritant to the gums.

Therefore this tartar should be removed periodically so that teeth and gums remains strong and healthy. In addition to brushing and general home care, one should undergo scaling process. Initial deposits are in the form of plaque which is comparatively soft and it mainly lead to decay of teeth.

With passage of time these deposits get hardened which is known as calculus or tartar. Removal of tartar is called as scaling which should be followed by polishing.

This is the minimum maintenance one should do at least once a year. Ideally it is recommended once in 6 months but at least we should visit dentist once in 8 to 12 months. Being a dentist we also get scaling. The process of scaling with the correct technique will further makes gum and teeth stronger.


Scaling can be done either manually or it can be done with Ultrasonically using good quality scaler tips. At TOOTH CARE DENTAL CLINIC, we always use ultrasonic scalers with high quality scaling tips for our patient. So that the enamel of tooth (protective layer) does not get damaged and teeth remain strong and non sensitive for longer time. Ultrasonic scaler works on principle of vibrations and it is completely non cutting instruments. Hence there are no chances of enamel to get damaged.

At tip of scaler a small vent is there so that water can come while doing scaling. A few people feel discomfort with this water but it is very important as heat generated during vibration of scaling tip, get dissipated. nd chances of sensitivity becomes very less.

Significance of polishing

We always advise our patients that they should undergo polishing after scaling as polishing lead to smoothening of tooth surface. There is always less deposits on a smooth surface as compared to rough surface. Hence deposits will be less after polishing.

One more benefit of polishing is that it lead to one or two shades whitening of teeth. Polishing is done by using a polishing paste. A layer of paste is applied and after that high speed brushes are used.

Consequences of avoiding Scaling

  • Bleeding gums.
  • Red, swollen gums.
  • Receding gums.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Pockets.
  • Sensitivity to cold.
  • Bone destruction.

Sensitivity after scaling

A few people feel sensitivity after scaling but chances are very less if this process is done by high good technique and good quality of instruments. Still if patient feels any sensation then it is just for few days after scaling which can be eliminated by using de sensitizing tooth paste. But each and every person should get scaling at least once a year. You should always search for a well qualified dentist, you should not go to quack dentist.