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Basal Implants in Zirakpur

Basal Implants in Zirakpur – Either you are planning for Basal Implants or you want to contact the Best Dentist in the town, congratulations you have reached the right place. At Tooth Care we believe in the ideology that dental treatment should be painless and stress-free. Under the guidance of Dentist Akhil Gupta, we at Tooth Care provide the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur. Dentist Akhil Gupta is a famous dental expert that holds vast experience in this domain. He is known for his magnificent painless treatments and he specializes in Basal Implants.

At Tooth Care clinic in Zirakpur, we aim to provide an informative, pleasing and peaceful dental experience to our patients. We provide comprehensive dental treatments such as Basal Implants in a relaxing environment. At Tooth Care Clinic, you will experience the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur at affordable charges. We have state-of-the-art facilities that are integrated with imported dental instruments. If you are from Zirakpur or its nearby locations and wanted to experience sublime Basal Implants treatment, then don’t forget to visit Tooth Care Clinic. We assure you of the best service.

For more details and to book an appointment, dial +91 9986606650, +91 9464895055, or send us an email at

What is Basal Implants?

Basal Implants is nothing but bicortical implantology. This treatment is a modular implantology procedure wherein the basal cortical area of the jawbones is utilized for dental implants. The Basal Implant is recommended to those patients who are suffering from any periodontal issue, who want immediate results, who is heavy smoker, patients with a chronic issue, diabetes, jaw need rehabilitation, or who has lost tooth for a longer duration.

It is a complete rehabilitation of the human jaw. Through these implants, you can get your shiny & attractive smile back. You can experience the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur by the famous Dentist Akhil Gupta. He uses modernized dentistry techniques and world-class instruments to bring back your smile.

Advantages of Basal Implants

Those patients who are looking for instant solutions opt for Basal Implants. If you are a diabetic patient, then going for basal implants is the best route for you. Here are the advantages of Basal Implants:

  1. It can be performed immediately after teeth extraction.
  2. It is a short process that gets healed in a small duration.
  3. Basal Implants are the safe, convenient, and best method to get you to smile back.
  4. No need to go for any other treatment.
  5. It is the best choice for patients who have diabetes.

Choose Best Basal Implants Professional in Zirakpur – Dentist Akhil Gupta

Tooth Care is the ultimate family dental care clinic in Zirakpur that is committed to enhancing the beauty of your smile. The experts at Tooth Care are devoted to understanding the necessities of the patients and they go the extra mile to meet those expectations. We are supported by world-class facilities and arrangements that help us to provide the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur.

For providing a safe and hassle-free experience, our dentists adhere to all infection prevention methods and sterilization principles. Our friendly team of experts will make you feel at home. We heavily emphasize educating patients about dental procedures and treatment, allowing them to make smart decisions about oral health.

Here are the reasons to choose us:

  1. We have a highly trained and experienced team of dentists.
  2. Our clinic is furnished with advanced dental treatment facilities and equipment.
  3. We maintain a hygienic, clean, and sterilized environment.
  4. You will get all dental treatments under one roof.
  5. We assure guaranteed results.

Safety and Hygiene Protocols Followed at Tooth Care

At Tooth Care dental clinic, our staff makes sure to maintain a contamination-free and disinfected environment. Our clinic rigorously follows all sterilization principles to make sure 100% safety of patients. Patient security is our top priority and that is why we use equipment like the Latest Ultrasonic Cleaner, Latest B Class Autoclave, Advance Portable X-Ray, and Advance Fumigator. Here are the safety and Hygiene norms followed while providing the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur:

  1. We have a separate team that disinfects instruments, machines, and tables at regular intervals.
  2. We screen all the patients coming to our clinic.
  3. At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, we avoid crowding by allowing only those patients who booked an appointment with us.
  4. Sanitization is compulsory for the staff and the patients as well.
  5. We have made it mandatory to wear masks, aprons, and gloves during the treatment.
  6. Our clinic has separate chambers for patient screening purposes.
  7. We encourage cashless payments.

Book an Appointment for Painless Dental Experience

Whether you are planning for a regular dental check or you are looking to improve your teeth issues, you can always contact the Leading Dental Clinic in Zirakpur, Tooth Care, and experience the Best Basal Implants in Zirakpur. Tooth Care is a highly dedicated platform that is transforming dentistry through its reliable, efficient, and remarkable services.  Contact us and avail of the following benefits:

  1. High-class dental services at affordable prices.
  2. Approachable location.
  3. Sanitized premises.
  4. A dedicated team of dentists.
  5. Comfortable dental treatment.

We are consistently creating beautiful and healthy smiles through our higher valued dental services. So, come and book an appointment with the best Dentist Akhil Gupta, and his team.

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