How to choose the best dentist in panchkula?

Now a days there is a dental clinic in almost every corner of you area. But main question arises is how to choose the best dentist for you. Everyone advertise their clinics with lots of fascinating offers. Today in this blog we will talk about all your queries. Which dentist suits for your dental problem.


First of all let me start off with a brief introduction of dentistry. It is a branch of medical science which mainly deals with your oral cavity and structures related to mouth. BDS is bachelor of dental surgery which is a 5 year course and after that MDS which is Masters in Dental Surgery. BDS is all about general dentistry while in MDS they learn about their specialization

MDS is done in different different branches. Mainly divided in 6 branches.

1. Endodontist
Dentist who is masters in this branch mainly deals with RCT (Root canal Treatment) and esthetic dentistry.Hence if you need some aesthetic work like teeth whitening, veeners and root canal to be done, you can consult them.

2. Prosthodontist

This dentist mainly deals with replacement of teeth such as implants, bridges, crowns, dentures etc. Hence if you need any replacement of teeth, you should consult a MDS prosthodontist.

3. Oral Surgeon

They mainly deals with major surgeries like trauma cases, birth defects like cleft lip or palate, wisdom tooth extraction and all.

Maximum population suffer with wisdom tooth problem at least once in their life time, for that you should consult an oral surgeon.

4. Orthodontist

These specialized dentist mainly deals with correction of zig zag and mis aligned teeth. These procedures are mainly performed during younger age. But now a days adult orthodontics is also possible in certain circumstances.

Hence if you or your kid needs a braces treatment then you should consult an orthodontist.

5. Periodontist

These dentists mainly deals with gum problems.
Hence if you have any problem like pyorrhoea then you can consult with them.

6. Pedodontist
These dentist are also known as child dentist. They mainly work on kids and they got specialized training in handling kids. They learn how to do behavior management of children so that dental procedures can be performed.

Also they can handle special kids like kids with Autism , Down Syndrome.

Other non clinical branches are also there like oral medicine and radiology, preventive community dentistry, Pathology.

Things to be taken care:
Your dentist should be an expert in his or her specialization. For that you can ask your friends and family.

Availability of your dentist should always be there whenever you need them
Waiting time should be minimal.

Your dentist should be soft and well behaved in talking and treating you as oral structures are very delicate.

Do not wait for any emergency to happen. Just go for regular check ups so that your problems get resolved earlier.

Always try to find a dentist near your locality and make sure he or she should be available according to your working hours.

If your dentist is going somewhere out of town, he should arrange someone who can look after in their absence.

If you are moving in a new city then ask your previous dentist for some recommendations.

Your dentist should be compatible with your mode of payment like card payment and he or she should provide you bills of your treatment.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, We provide you the best dentist according to our patient’s needs. We always make sure that your treatment should be done only by a specialist dentist. We give a lot of treatment plans and their alternatives also according to patient’s budget. Also we always appreciate doubts and queries of our patient and make sure they should be satisfied in the end of treatment.

Does scaling makes teeth weak???

Most of the modern foods that we consume these days are processed food. Dietary habits have changed completely now a days. Even after maintenance of good oral hygiene and regular brushing of teeth, still some food particles get deposited on the surface of teeth and sticks to it which can not be removed with brushing. This accumulated food or debris is called as tartar which is a irritant to the gums.

Therefore this tartar should be removed periodically so that teeth and gums remains strong and healthy. In addition to brushing and general home care, one should undergo scaling process. Initial deposits are in the form of plaque which is comparatively soft and it mainly lead to decay of teeth.

With passage of time these deposits get hardened which is known as calculus or tartar. Removal of tartar is called as scaling which should be followed by polishing.

This is the minimum maintenance one should do at least once a year. Ideally it is recommended once in 6 months but at least we should visit dentist once in 8 to 12 months. Being a dentist we also get scaling. The process of scaling with the correct technique will further makes gum and teeth stronger.


Scaling can be done either manually or it can be done with Ultrasonically using good quality scaler tips. At TOOTH CARE DENTAL CLINIC, we always use ultrasonic scalers with high quality scaling tips for our patient. So that the enamel of tooth (protective layer) does not get damaged and teeth remain strong and non sensitive for longer time. Ultrasonic scaler works on principle of vibrations and it is completely non cutting instruments. Hence there are no chances of enamel to get damaged.

At tip of scaler a small vent is there so that water can come while doing scaling. A few people feel discomfort with this water but it is very important as heat generated during vibration of scaling tip, get dissipated. nd chances of sensitivity becomes very less.

Significance of polishing

We always advise our patients that they should undergo polishing after scaling as polishing lead to smoothening of tooth surface. There is always less deposits on a smooth surface as compared to rough surface. Hence deposits will be less after polishing.

One more benefit of polishing is that it lead to one or two shades whitening of teeth. Polishing is done by using a polishing paste. A layer of paste is applied and after that high speed brushes are used.

Consequences of avoiding Scaling

  • Bleeding gums.
  • Red, swollen gums.
  • Receding gums.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Pockets.
  • Sensitivity to cold.
  • Bone destruction.

Sensitivity after scaling

A few people feel sensitivity after scaling but chances are very less if this process is done by high good technique and good quality of instruments. Still if patient feels any sensation then it is just for few days after scaling which can be eliminated by using de sensitizing tooth paste. But each and every person should get scaling at least once a year. You should always search for a well qualified dentist, you should not go to quack dentist.