Safety measures in dental clinic in light of the coronavirus

What is coronavirus ,its symptoms and how is it transmitted ?

Well most of us have already heard a lot about this newly introduced virus in our world . Its symptoms generally include common flu like symptoms like , cold , cough, fever , breathing difficulty etc .It is easily transmitted from one person to another as it is highly contagious direct contact should be avoided

Must for every dental clinic .

As dentistry includes direct work in oral cavity which means contact with the patients which can be dangerous  .But it can be prevented by undergoing some protective measures that must be conducted in every dental clinic . Such as :-

– Fumigation of your dental clinic on regular basis

-Appointment of any person showing symptoms like cold and cough should be postponed and advised to get tested .

-Proper patient history especially travelling history should be noted .

-Wearing proper mask , hand gloves , head cap , protective eye gear and an apron which is covering most of your body surface is necessary  .

-Guidlines provided by the IDA should be followed .

-Using sanitizer after every patient .

-Use of surface disinfectant to clean your clinic slabs and other surfaces .

-Cross contamination which is usually taken care on regular basis should be taken care of more strictly .

-Touching surface with your hand wearing gloves should be avoided at all cost .

– Your assistant should provide you all assistance which leads to less contamination of surfaces .

Thus by following some simple yet most important preventive measures we can fight this virus .