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why you really need a root canal treatment?

Why you really need a root canal treatment?

Like any other body part teeth also have an important role to play in our lives. Other than (masticating food) grind, chew, bite. It also help in speak, defense, shaping the face, drink and it begin the process of digestion.

Teeth has comprised of three layers, when we do the cross-section of the teeth are:

1.    ENAMEL
2.    DENTIN
3.    PULP

ENAMEL: Whitish covering of the tooth called enamel.  Which is the outermost protective layer and the hardest substance of our body. Enamel comprises of hard mineral calcium phosphate
If the enamel is chip off or infected because of cavities it can be restore by restorative procedure

DENTIN: The layer below the enamel is dentin which is not hard as the enamel .Dentin forms the bulk of the tooth.

If cavity involves dentin you will feel sensitivity in your teeth but at this stage we can save by the normal restorative procedure

PULP:  The soft portion inside the dentin is pulp that consist of blood vessels and nerves
when bacteria reaches the pulp [3rd layer}of tooth  and damaged the nerve that  is the most painful condition patient will also feel sensitivity to hot and cold or sweet .This the stage when you need the   root canal procedure to be done . once the cavity reach at pulp we can not do simple restorative procedure. As filling material itself can lead to irritation to nerve and it can worsen the problem.

If most of the tooth structure is damaged it will lead to extraction [removal of tooth]
Sign of pulp may involve:
·       Constant Toothache
·       Tooth ache during chewing
·       Discharge or drainage
·       Tooth discoloration
·       Swollen gums
·       Trauma
·       Gingival recession
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms don’t delay seeking treatment

Root canal is the procedure in which we eliminate the infected pulp and prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth.Root canal treatment is the non – surgical conservative treatment. Procedure will be completely painless and performed by root canal specialist under local anesthesia.

Minimum 2 OR 3 sitting will be there for the root canal treatment depend on the infection

Single sitting RCT can also be performed in some cases where there is an acute infection no pus formation around the tooth ,RCT can be completed in a single sitting

First sitting:   x-ray will be taken of the tooth to see the level of infection, if required local anesthesia will be given for the infected tooth before the treatment which will numb the tooth so that patient will not suffer from pain during the treatment.

Caries [infected part] will be removed first further cavity preparation will be proceed and reaches to the inner part of the tooth [pulp]

Cleared out the infected pulp and shaping of the canals will be done

Dressing will be placed directly to the infected part [canals] like triple antibiotic or calcium hydroxide. Temporary filling will be placed next sitting will be after 2, 3 days.

2nd SITTING: after irrigating or cleaning o the canals, canal will be filled with the rubber like material called gutta percha (insert material which is extracted from a plant) to fill the dead space which keeps the canals free of infection

AFTER the sealing of the canals, restorative material will be filled to the hollow tooth structure
Later we do the crowning of the tooth which is also necessary after the root canal treatment which give strength to the tooth and protect tooth from the direct force. If you do not go for the crown then it might lead to fracture of the tooth or loss of tooth structure due to the direct masticatory forces.

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