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Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali

Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali – Wanted to get rid of toothache and sensitivity or planning to get Root Canal Treatment? If yes is the answer, then get yourself treated at the Best Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali, Tooth Care. Moving under the esteemed guidance of famous Dentist Akhil Gupta, Tooth Care Dental Clinic provides painless and relaxing Root Canal treatment. Senior Dentist Akhil Gupta is an ambitious and qualified dental expert with exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills. He holds extensive expertise in Root Canal Treatment, Cosmetic dentistry, Implant dentistry, and Braces Implants.

Tooth Care is a complete family dental care clinic that is well-known for its precise, accurate, and streamlined approach. At Tooth Care dental clinic, you will experience quick and painless root canal treatment. Following our ethical approach, mission, and agenda of “Your Best Smile Start With Quality Expertise” we at Tooth Care Dental Clinic use cutting-edge advanced technology with Advance Portable X-Ray, highly sophisticated digital scanners, Latest Ultrasonic Cleaner, Latest B Class Autoclave alongside Advance Fumigator. Such reasons are enough to make us the Top Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali.

Get your teeth operated by India’s best dentists. If you are interested to experience hassle-free and comfortable Root Canal treatment, then immediately contact us. Dial +91 9986606650, +91 9464895055 or write us an email at

Process of Root Canal Treatment at Tooth Care

Root Canal Therapy often known as endodontic therapy is a specialty of dental care that studies and deals with the treatment of eliminating infections from teeth. It deals especially with tissues surrounding the teeth roots. It is recommended to those patients whose Pulp becomes diseased or gets injured (in rare cases) and is not able to heal itself. Root Canal Treatment is operated in the tooth pulp often called a root canal. This treatment protects those teeth from further infections. Therefore, if you are planning for such treatment, then experience painless treatment at the Best Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali, Tooth Care.

This treatment is needed when the pulp in teeth has been infected with a bacterial infection. If you experience symptoms such as loose teeth, pain while chewing, swollen gums, facial swelling, changes in teeth color, pus in infected teeth, etc. We at Tooth Care uses advanced state-of-the-art machinery to perform painless root canal treatment.

Highlights of our Root Canal Treatment:

  1. We use advanced cutting-edge equipment for Root Canal Treatment.
  2. Our dentists will eliminate the infected pulp and carefully clean the inside of the tooth.
  3. Once cleaning and sealing are done, our dentists will restore the tooth with a crown.
  4. Your teeth will start to function normally.

Reasons Tooth Care is the Best Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali

Tooth Care is the name that you can trust. Our warm and professional approach towards our patients helps us to retain a maximum number of patients. We have state of the art luxurious dentistry infrastructure that assists us to render hassle-free treatment to the patients. Our clinic possesses relaxing surroundings which help to make customers feel at home.

At Tooth Care dental clinic in Mohali, you will be treated by the best dentist in the town, Dentist Akhil Gupta. He is an experienced and passionate expert that holds vast experience & expertise in dentistry. Further, we pay high attention to rectifying the issue from its roots and also educate the patient regarding the same. If you really want to experience an extraordinary dental experience, then definitely visit the Top Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali, Tooth Care.

A glimpse of Tooth Care Dental Clinic:

  1. We have a skilled and experienced team of dentists.
  2. Our team provides fast, painless, and hassle-free dental treatments.
  3. We use authentic medicines and imported machinery for treatments.
  4. Our instruments are 100% disinfected.
  5. We ensure the highest hygiene and sterilization.
  6. You will get 100% professional dental treatment.

Our Safety Criterion for Germ-Free Treatment

At Tooth Care, Patient safety has been given the utmost priority. The first and the foremost objective of our clinic is to operate the patient with full safety and security. Our team follows all covid safety guidelines includes the use of sanitizers and wearing masks.

We take all precautionary measures right from wearing protective gloves, face masks to aprons. As the Best Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali, we have a separate team that handles all the matters related to patient screening.

  1. We keep our instruments disinfected using a good quality solution.
  2. We only allow those patients who have fixed appointments with us.
  3. Our dentists wear all necessary safety gear while operating the patients.
  4. We have a separate screening room for patients.
  5. Our clinic is instilled with all sanitization arrangements.

Book An Appointment With Best Dentist Akhil Gupta

Come and Get Affordable Treatment at the Best Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali, Tooth Care. We take one on one dental appointments and provide the patients with the most sophisticated root canal treatment using highly advanced & modernized equipment. We assure to provide you with the best dental treatment in the safest and hygienic manner.

If you hail from Mohali or its surrounding areas and planning for dental treatment, then do visit the Top Root Canal Treatment Clinic in Mohali and get yourself treated by the best Dentist in the Town Dentist Akhil Gupta.

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Name: Tooth Care

Phone: +91 9986606650, +91 9464895055.

Timings: Monday to Saturday: 09:30 AM to 09:30 PM, Sunday by Appointments.


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