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What to expect when you are getting RCT done

When we first hear about root canal treatment, the first thing which comes in our mind is …. Is it a painful procedure?

Answer for this is NO. Root canal treatment is not painful at all if the procedure is done by a specialist. Root canal specialist is called an Endodontist. At Tooth Care Dental Clinic Dr Akhil is an Endodontist. His expertise in performing root canal treatment gives you painless experience.


First you should know the the basic concept of root canal treatment. Rct is done to clean the infection and pus, in this basically infected nerve is removed and tooth become dead. So in this procedure natural tooth is saved. Sometimes patients have a very painful experience with rct. A lot of patients come with the complain that we had experienced a lot of pain in previous root canal treatment. But if the procedure is done properly by a specialist dentist then it will be definitely painless.

We always explain our patients the importance of regular dental check ups. Ideally you should go for a dental check up once in 6 months. If you have some minor cavity then dentist will do the filling that time. If we leave that cavity just like that then definitely slowly it will go down and reach to the pulp and once it reaches the pulp that is basically nerve of tooth, then pain starts and patient starts feeling sensitivity with hot and cold. At this stage we can not save the tooth with simple filling as filling itself is a chemical that will acts as an irritant so root canal treatment is the only solution.

Hence if your dentist recommends filling of tooth then we should go for that otherwise root canal treatment will be the only option.

Steps of RCT

Access opening

This is the first step of root canal treatment. In this your dentist will numb that particular area of tooth and will do an emergency step so that your pain will be relieved.

Biomechanical preparation

This is the second step of RCT, in this your dentist will take take the length of roots of the tooth and clean them completely with the help of files and medicine is paced in canals.

Obturation and Permanent filling

This is the final step of RCT, in this gutta percha which is an inert material, is placed in canals after that permanent filling is done in tooth.


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