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Pre Wedding Dental Procedures

Have you prepared everything for your wedding. What about your smile??Bride and groom are the star of their wedding day. It is rightly said that you are never fully dressed without a beautiful smile.

The most stunning thing in a wedding is a beautiful bride with beautiful dress over that the most beautiful smile. Thousands of eyes are on you that day. Wedding is the occasion that will always stay in memories of bride and grooms memories. Your outfit, make up, hairstyle, everything plays an important role in making perfect picture. But yellow, mal aligned or missing teeth can completely destroy your elegance and beauty. The worst thing is that these memories in the form of pictures stays last longer.

It is still not very late you can undergo cosmetic procedures to make your smile more dazzling.
Here in this blog we will discuss about all the dental procedures you should think to get during your pre wedding preparations.

Bleaching ( teeth whitening)
Bleaching of teeth gives quick and very drastic results but you should consult a proper aesthetic dentist before getting it done as it is not recommended for all type of teeth.
Second, its result vary from person to person. If you have fluorosis or significant discoloration then it can’t be corrected with simple bleaching method. In those cases veneers are recommended.

But before bleaching you should undergo simple cleaning procedure which is called as Scaling.

Scaling and Polishing
Scaling is simple cleaning procedure in which tartar is removed from tooth surface. It is done by an ultrasonic scaler which does not harm teeth. After Scaling polishing is done which give smoothness.

Sometimes scaling and polishing give two or three shades whitening . So after scaling you might not feel requirement of bleaching.

Bad Breath management
Poor oral hygiene is the major cause of bad breath. It can hamper your confidence level and can destroy your relations also. So, get a proper dental checkup done few months before your wedding and get scaling done and if any major dental work is required, get it done.

Zig Zag teeth
It is still not too late to corrected those zig zag teeth. Mal aligned or zigzag teeth can also affect your beautiful smile. Metal colored braces are not the only solution to correct malaligned teeth. Now a days Clear aligners are also a very good solution . But again they are not recommended for everyone. You should consult your dentist if your teeth are suitable for them or not.

Sometimes cosmetic contouring can also correct minor defects. If you are not happy with appearance of one particular teeth like one tooth is longer or minor rotation is there. That can be corrected with cosmetic reshaping of that particular teeth.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic, Dr Akhil Gupta ( MDS in cosmetic dentistry) is highly trained in giving you the most beautiful smile in just a single sitting. He understands the requirements of bride and groom and does not recommend any invasive procedures. It is always better to take appointment with your dentist few weeks before your wedding so that your dentist have enough time to solve your dental issues. We have designed the special wedding packages just to make things more simple and easy for you. We make sure that your smile makeover will improve your appearance and your confidence level.

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