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This is certainly one of the biggest struggles for patients.

So, the answer is very logical i.e. it totally depends on what you need. The more extensive the damage, the costlier is the repair.  We can prevent this by giving a regular visit to the dentist twice a year and making sure that our oral health is well maintained.

So, first of all, everyone accepts the fact that, no one wants to experience a tooth ache or want bad breath or any kind of oral illness. Everyone wants healthy teeth as they have a very important role in our lives, for example in eating, esthetics and as we all know a smile without teeth is incomplete.

Now the question arises…


This includes various processes like brushing, flossing, but not only this can help us to keep our teeth healthy. We should also make sure that our gums and other oral tissues in our mouth are free from any kind of infectious symptoms. For this only a dentist can guide you  better because only he/she will be able to detect any kind of destructive processes in early stages and guide you about the preventive and conservative treatment.

So a regular visit to a dentist is not expensive, but when people do not visit for regular     check up , they are actually allowing the bacterial action to increase which may lead to further dental problems. The dental treatments are not expensive if the problems are treated as early as possible .

In tooth care dental clinic we try to aware our patients as early as possible so that it may not lead to further problems. For example: If a person visits for a regular dental checkup and is detected with caries in early stage and can be treated with the basic fillings, the costing may vary from 500 bucks to 1000 bucks but if the person is not visiting on regular checkups and comes to dentist only in pain and discomfort then the treatment may vary from 2000 bucks to 10,000 bucks.

At Tooth Care Dental Clinic we guide our patients by giving them exact knowledge about procedures, costings and try to satisfy our patients completely.

Thus “resolving to take better care of our teeth could save our lives and billions of dollars.”

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